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Statit technical support phone coverage is transitioning to a new phone number. Please take note and begin using this number for your support requests: 800.737.8835, option 1.

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Healthcare Enterprise Solutions
The entire healthcare industry is under siege from internal and external sources. The days of laboriously gathering data, which result in suspect and vague interpretations, is a thing of the past. Statit piMD™ is a continuous process improvement solution accessible from a web browser. Statit piMD connects to multiple data sources and formats including core measure, clinical, operational, financial and more. Statit has teamed with its clients in the healthcare industry by providing reports that cut through the clutter and prioritize attention to improvement initiatives by understanding process variation.

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Midas+ Solutions is pleased to inform you of a new vendor partnership that will not only provide an immediate "Meaningful Use Solution" to our client base, but will rapidly change the way we think about performance measurement and clinical stewardship. Read more about this partnership in the Press Release.

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In response to the many challenges today's hospital leaders face, we have created Midas+ Statit Physician Profile & Review (PPR). The Midas+ Statit PPR solution is a web-based system that allows medical providers easy access to their individual performance dashboards, which contain up-to-the-moment performance data, annual and interim reviews and drill down to patient-level data. Midas+ Statit PPR automatically updates and displays indicator data from your existing Midas+ products, as well as from other data sources such as financial performance, patient satisfaction data, and other information which is necessary to align medical staff with key strategic objectives across your organization.

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You might also be interested in The Physician Profile: A Culinary Approach, an article by Henry Johnson, M.D. as seen in Hospital & Health Networks Magazine, March 2009

Process Management Tools and Applications
Quality Analysis and Reporting For Your Enterprise

Statit solutions deliver the means to monitor, analyze, and improve critical processes necessary for quality and financial peace of mind!


Welcome, New Clients!

Interested in who has just joined the Midas+ Statit family?

Deaconess Health System, Evansville, IN
~Statit piMD & Statit PPR

Hi-Desert Medical Center, Joshua Tree, CA
~Statit piMD & Statit PPR

Memorial Hospital, Fremont, OH
~Statit piMD & Statit PPR

Springfield Regional Medical Center, Springfield, OH
~Statit PPR

Sutter Health, Sacramento, CA
~Statit piMD & Statit PPR


"There are many products on the market, most of them far more expensive but none that I have seen that incorporate the functionally, relative ease of use, training and customer support of the Statit piMD application."

Robert Anderson
Manager/Programmer Analyst Data Resources
Alaska Native Medical Center

"We have done the head-to-head comparisons.  Statit far exceeds all contenders when it comes to building the tools and applications necessary to support a full Quality Improvement roll-out."

Dr. Brent C. James, M.D., M.Stat.
Executive Director, Institute for Health Care Delivery Research
Intermountain Health Care

"People want to know what they are responsible for and the Statit piMD solution provides tangible ways to build accountability into our quality control processes."

Colleen O'Brien, MSN, MSMI, RN, CPHQ
Team Leader, Quality and Resource/Privacy Officer
Bellin Health

"In addition to its unusual virtue of being technically correct, Statit has no peer in the realm of enhanceability and ease-of-use."

Drs. Robert & Marilyn Hart
SPC Consultants