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Web-based Process Improvement Reporting

Statit e-QC provides the combined statistical quality analysis and reporting capabilities in a web environment to deliver a process improvement application that will give everyone in your enterprise-from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite-immediate access to the information they need to monitor, analyze, and improve important processes. With Statit e-QC, you can:
  • Access data anywhere
  • Automatically notify key personnel of out-of-control conditions
  • View high-level summaries and drill down to underlying details
  • Accommodate for changes in your products and processes
  • Relax, knowing you're delivering quality products and services!

Accountability with hard data, not fuzzy opinions, is being demanded. Existing processes must be examined and new ones discovered. The good news is that improved quality inherently lowers costs as it provides a better product and/or service. Statistical Process Control provides accountability and is an essential ingredient in the quality effort.

Statit e-QC v4.0 Now Available!