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October 2006 

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To provide our customers with timely and efficient products and services to turn data to information which they can use to continuously improve the value of the "product" they provide by raising quality and lowering costs.

This quarter’s topics:

Automating Quality Reporting Using Excel / MS Access Data

The Use of Three-Sigma for Control Limits

Quality Link: Doctor Changes Culture to Improve Odds for Patients

Transparency Reporting Through Statit piMD — A Look at Our Future

Is Your Compliance Data Hiding Revenue Opportunities?

The Best of Times

Need Management Reports on PowerPoint Slides? Here's How!

Trade Show Paradise from the Comfort of Your

Join us at IHI 2006

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Automating Quality Reporting Using Excel / MS Access Data
Quality departments within healthcare have a tough challenge to meet the existing reporting needs of Quality Indicators throughout the organization. And that challenge is going to become ever more difficult as more and more processes are tracked and targeted for improvement.

Key issues include:

  • Many different Indicators / Metrics need to be tracked
  • Indicator data is EVERYWHERE
  • Need both Operational and Executive reporting
  • Report generation needs to be automated or it will consume many resources and/or be fraught with errors
  • Need objective (SPC) analysis techniques
  • Different Indicators available at different times during the month/quarter
  • Report distribution
  • Closing the Process Improvement loop
Many organizations attempt to perform this task using Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), but these approaches require considerable resources internally and have many shortcomings. There is a much more effective way.

The Use of Three-Sigma for Control Limits
Three-sigma (s) limits are generally used for control limits on a Shewhart control chart. Why? Let's find out.

Quality Link: Doctor Changes Culture to Improve Odds for Patients
ABC World News recently completed a week long look into "Prescription for Change." Dr. Brent James of Intermountain Health Care, a long time friend and customer of Statit Software’s performance improvement solutions and services, was interviewed for a story called Doc Saves Lives and Money—The doctor who says he’s discovered how to slash costs and improve care. View the article and short video clip

Transparency Reporting Through Statit piMD—A Look at Our Future
Transparency reporting is the open sharing of data which is key to insuring that the culture of improvement is sustained, both internally and externally so that the public understands the people delivering service are trying hard to deliver the best care in a safe way. We all know reasons why transparency reporting is important. Some include:

  • Helps motivate our own internal performance initiatives
  • Provides a vehicle to build needed confidence in the care delivery system
  • Maintains and/or increases our competitive stance vis-à-vis other providers in our care delivery area.
Here’s a discussion on how to implement transparency reporting in your organization.

Is Your Compliance Data Hiding Revenue Opportunities?
Written by Thomas Graham, CFO, AMC Registry, Inc.
The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) provided financial incentive for hospitals to report what they termed "quality of care data" in their treatment of heart attack (acute myocardial infarction), heart failure, and pneumonia. Although compliance was voluntary, non-compliant inpatient acute care hospitals faced losing a financial incentive in their annual Medicare fee schedule update. Further incentives, including potential increased reimbursement for facilities performing in the upper 10 percent, were suggested. The paper chase was on.

The Best of Times
The healthcare industry is going through some exciting times in regards to Quality Improvement and the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC). It is both the best of times and the worst of times. It is the best of times because SPC provides the information to help healthcare workers understand their processes. It is very exciting to find areas for healthcare improvement and to monitor those changes. But what about the flip side? Find out why it is also the worst of times.

Need Management Reports on PowerPoint Slides? Here's How!
Sometimes you have advanced notice of an upcoming management meeting and the need for a performance improvement status update. In many cases, the media venue of choice is PowerPoint. When you have the time, this exercise can go smoothly. What about those other times when someone pops their head in your door and says, "Impromptu meeting in 10 minutes and you are responsible for the presentation." How often are the words "smoothly" and "management reports" ever used in the same sentence unless there is a big NOT between the words?! Statit Software can help.

Trade Show Paradise from the Comfort of Your Office
Statit Software is very proud to be involved with the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ). NAHQ’s recent "Chart Your Course for Healthcare Quality" conference was replete with educational, networking and vendor solution presentation opportunities. During the show, we provided brief presentations on topics of interest to healthcare quality folks. A sampling of our presentations included:

  • Comparing Indicator Performance
  • Creating Health Information Dashboards with an SPC Focus
  • Data Rich—Information Poor…How to Make Sense of Your Existing Data
The presentations have been so well received, we were asked if there was a way to present these to folks who could not attend the trade show. Statit Software will soon be presenting this information in quick, effective, on-line, webinars. More info…

Join us at IHI 2006
Mark your calendar for December 10-13, 2006! We hope to see you all at IHI's 17th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. The National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care is the premier "meeting place" for people committed to the mission of improving health care. This annual event draws approximately 5,500 health care leaders from around the world in person and an additional 6,000 via satellite.

Join Statit Software in booth #313 at this year’s conference, December 10-13, in Orlando, FL. After meeting with Statit Software, participants should be better able to:

  • Understand how to share performance improvement analyses throughout the healthcare organization
  • Create dashboards, scorecards and trend output utilizing existing data
  • Provide accountability to "experts" to interactively create comments and corrective actions when necessary
  • Automatically send alerts when targets are missed or special cause variation exists in a critical process
  • Derive knowledge to support timely, data-driven decisions.
Statit Software staff will be on hand to hold one-on-one meetings.

On-line Training: Getting Started with Statit Express QC
Join us for our next webinar entitled "Getting Started with Statit Express QC", November 8, 11am-1pm PT. If you are a new user of Statit Express QC or if you need a refresher, this webinar is for you. Topics covered include data import options, Excel files, ODBC connections, saving data, Express window management & preferences, and much, much more. For more information on this or other upcoming training opportunities or to register for this webinar, click here.