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April 2007
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Stay Tuned in on Indicator Performance
Statit Software Partners with Symmetry Services Group
Join us at ASQ 2007
Statit and Six Sigma
HIMSS07 Recap
Pay for Performance Summit Recap
The Role of Data Display in Advancing Care Management for Chronically Ill Older Patients
Stay Tuned in on Indicator Performance 
Keeping the pulse on Quality Improvement projects / initiatives is key to making real progress on your initiatives.  Sure you can wait until the monthly reports come out.  But you can close those loops a lot quicker with automatic notification to let you know when something changes on any of the indicators you are watching closely.  

Here's an automatic e-mail notification sent out by Statit piMD, letting you know that the Expert for an indicator has added a new Comment / Action plan.  You can click on the thumbnails within your mail message to directly bring up the detailed info for the indicator. Click on the thumbail below to see this in action.

Comment changed for Q1-06
A corrective action plan will begin immediately to improve the process.

1. Meet care providers quarterly to reinforce importance of smoking cessation counseling.
2. Validate new data. Ensure accurate information.
3. Provide visual tools as aids to smoking cessation counseling.
4. Review quarterly reports with CMO, Dr. Mary Wright.

Statit Software Partners with Symmetry Services Group 

Statit's piMD solution is currently being implemented by the Department of Defense at a facility in Falls Church, VA. All of us at Statit are delighted to be supporting continuous quality improvement (CQI) for the various healthcare systems used by our military.


The Federal Government's focus on CQI is the catalyst from which Statit Software, Inc. and Symmetry Services Group formed an exciting new relationship. Effective April 15, 2007 Symmetry, based in Vienna, VA, executed a reseller's agreement with Statit. Symmetry will focus their efforts on supporting Statit's Federal Government clients worldwide and commercial clients in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Both companies anticipate placing Statit products on Symmetry's GSA Schedule.  Symmetry is a woman-owned small business located in Vienna, Virginia which is just outside the Capitol Beltway. Please visit Symmetry's website for more information, www.symmetry-ssg.com.


Read the recent press release. 
Join us at ASQ 2007 
Visit ASQ's Web Site 
ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida
April 30-May 2, 2007
Booth #421

Innovations have changed the way we do business and the way we live our lives. Innovation can improve life and is synonymous with inspiration, growth or change. In large part, it may be responsible for an organizations' ability to maintain a sustainable, competitive advantage.

It's time to connect quality to innovation.

Discover how you, today's quality professional, will fuel innovation in business, society, and our communities. Explore innovation and how it relates to change management, virtual societies, social responsibility, systems thinking and customer value with experts from the U.S. and abroad, from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

Statit Software staff will be on hand to hold one-on-one meetings
Statit and Six Sigma 
Statit Software provides a family of continuous quality improvement (CQI) solutions targeted for the healthcare community. Our solutions are highly customizable and our staff is skilled at helping healthcare providers adapt these solutions to support statistical and quality analysis initiatives, regardless of whether they are philosophically based on TQM, CPI, or Six Sigma. 
HIMSS07 Recap 

Statit Software was extremely proud to exhibit at the Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans.  The theme of HIMSS is "transforming healthcare through IT."  The educational and exhibit opportunities showcased the HIMSS theme with powerful case studies, testimonials and demonstrations that proved a vital link between healthcare IT and improvement initiatives. 


Among the many and exciting opportunities for learning, no one could match the star power of General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.).  General Powell spoke for close to an hour without the aid of notes, etc.  His mix of humor, history, current affairs and oh yes, healthcare improvement, kept the more than 5,000 in attendance on the edge of their seats.  If you ever have an opportunity to listen to General Powell, please take advantage...you will not be sorry.


Statit Software is committed to healthcare reformation.  We continue to provide strong support to all associations focused on improving healthcare quality.  From the response we received at HIMSS, it is clear to us that many healthcare providers are facing challenging times to measure and monitor performance.  The days of laboriously gathering data, which result in suspect and vague interpretations, is a thing of the past. 


Statit Software has helped hundreds of providers move away from costly and timely products that drain already thin personnel energies to an "automated" performance improvement reporting structure.  Like HIMSS, we are committed to transforming healthcare through IT (only, with our solution, you won't need much if any IT help!!)


We look forward to seeing all of you next year in Orlando in late February.  To catch an early glimpse of how Statit is transforming healthcare, go to www.statit.com or call (541) 752-4500 and ask to speak with one of our healthcare experts.

Pay for Performance Summit Recap 

The Second National Pay for Performance (P4P) Summit was held in Los Angeles, CA, February 14 - 16.  The 3-day summit was packed with informative keynotes and workshops designed to educate the attendees with the "pros and cons" of performance based incentives.


As you know, the goal of P4P is to create a compelling set of incentives that will drive breakthrough improvements in clinical quality and the patient experience through:

  • Common set of measures
  • A public scorecard
  • Health plan payments 

CMS and Premier have been leading the way in a demonstration project, linking payment with quality measures beginning in October 2003.  The demonstration project has resulted in numerous findings but in particular, in the years 2004 and 2005, the median composite score for AMI, CABG, Heart Failure, Pneumonia and Hip and Knee, all showed steady improvement with increases between 7 and 18%.  The New England Journal of Medicine, February 2007, reported that all hospitals involved in the P4P project showed greater improvement in all composite measures of quality compared to hospitals engaged in public reporting only.  Although there are many voices questioning the importance of P4P on healthcare reformation, the results show a positive improvement when tied to financial incentives.

Your reimbursements will soon depend on the "quality" of your results.  Value based purchasing or P4P rewards hospitals and physicians based on the quality of care delivered.  Statit Software's performance improvement solutions provide the requisite analytics, corrective action tools, accountability as well as dashboards and scorecards for you to reach and maintain the top decile performer status. 

We have not heard the last of this. Statit Software will continue to monitor new developments in the P4P world. Stay tuned.

To learn how Statit Software's solutions help monitor measures to qualify for P4P, please go to www.statit.com or call (541) 752-4500 and ask to speak with a healthcare expert on P4P. 
The Role of Data Display in Advancing Care Management for Chronically Ill Older Patients
Read the full article
Good data, well organized, well analyzed, and clearly presented is vital to understanding the reliability and performance of our systems of health care.  This is true regardless of the setting or type of care delivery; from the frenetic pace of the ED to the coordination of care for the chronically ill.  This article briefly describes the use of Statit e-QC in a unique service model for chronically ill older adults.
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