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July 2007
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Commonly Used Graphs Versus Control Charts
Continuous Quality Improvement Dashboards - What's the Big Deal?
Integrating Performance Improvement into Your Intranet Pages, MS Office Docs and Corporate Reporting Systems
Effective Use of Control Charts
Statit Performance Indicator & Management Dashboard
Visit us at NAHQ
Statit Software is Expanding...Positions Available
Statit piMD 3.0 Released
Statit Software Solutions Now Available on GSA Contract
Upcoming Webinar - Successful PI Initiatives: The Role of the Expert
Commonly Used Graphs Versus Control Charts 
by Marilyn Hart, PhD and Robert F. Hart, PhD
In order to look at data to make comparisons, two commonly used graphs are the bar chart and the box-and-whisker plot. The bar chart simply plots the frequencies of the various measurements. The box-and-whisker plots may give some hint as to the shapes of the various distributions, but neither the bar charts nor the box-and-whisker plots tell whether the differences between surgeons should be attributed to special-cause variation or common-cause variation. The control chart method addresses this critical question directly.
Read on...
Continuous Quality Improvement Dashboards - What's the Big Deal? 

The rapid growth and proliferation of managed care organizations in the healthcare industry has caused many public health agencies, providers, employers and consumers to question the quality of healthcare and the consequences for patient safety. The mantra for healthcare quality can be categorized into one simple statement; predictable quality at a predictable cost. Webster defines "predict" as "to declare or indicate in advance...foretell on the basis of observation, experience or scientific reason." With so many dashboards available today, what's the big deal? All reporting platforms provide us with the needed information to "predict quality." Pick one and you're good to go...right?


Not so fast...

Integrating Performance Improvement into Your Intranet Pages, MS Office Docs and Corporate Reporting Solutions

A key component to improving process quality and outcomes is to make sure that everyone with a stake in the process has easy access to the current information.  It is also important that each process has a designated expert that is responsible for assessing the process performance and making adjustments. Statit piMD provides these critical pieces for managing Process Improvement. It also allows various systems to access this important information so that it is easily accessible via the existing corporate communication mechanisms.

Here's a link that can be added to any intranet page.  This will bring up an Indicator Trend Matrix and allow the user to click and view the details for any of the indicators. 
Core Measure Performance

You can also add live thumbnails to your pages.  These thumbnails are automatically updated whenever new data is available or the process expert makes assessments, action plans or identifies process changes.  You can click on the thumbnail to bring up the detailed output.

Effective Use of Control Charts 
There are many uses of the control chart and many benefits.  Douglas Montgomery tells us:
  1. Control charts are a proven technique for improving productivity
  2. Control charts are effective in non-compliance
  3. Control charts prevent unnecessary process adjustment
  4. Control charts provide diagnostic information, and
  5. Control charts provide information about process capability.  

Donald Wheeler lists 5 uses for control charts:

  1. Report Card Charts
  2. Process Adjustment Charts
  3. Process Trial Charts
  4. Extended Monitoring Charts and
  5. Continual Improvement Charts

Read on for more info on effective use of control charts...

Statit Performance Indicator & Management Dashboard 

Variation.  Automation.  Results! Statit piMD is the first web solution for continuous quality improvement (CQI) reports, targeted at healthcare organizations. For your convenience, we have provided an opportunity for you to take a tour of this highly touted quality improvement solution. Simply enter piMD.statit.com in a browser window. Once you are on the site, read the information to the right and upon completion, click "Start piMD Demo." 


In the right hand side or result window, you will see a "Dashboard View." By simply clicking on the choices in the navigation window to the left (Dash Board, Score Card, Find Indicators, Indicator Performance by Class or Indicator Trend Matrix), you will find additional information about that choice. Most folks go through the many examples and stop there. Yet, if you do, you'll be missing a great deal of additional value! Why...there's another folder with more benefit and value.


Click on the folder "Additional Examples." Here, you will find information pertaining to Comments/Corrective Actions & Phases, My Indicators, Publish to Directory and Publish to MS Word. By clicking on each of these, you will find additional information to help with your "quality journey."


As always, Statit Software stands ready to help in any way you may need, including a personalized demonstration or simply talking with a live person about your needs and how Statit may be of assistance. Call us at (541) 752-4500 or send us an email at info@statit.com.  We thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you!

Visit us at NAHQ! 

Mark your calendar for September 9-11, 2007! We hope to see you all at the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) 32nd Annual Educational Conference and Exhibit.  NAHQ is the nation's leading organization for healthcare quality professionals.
Founded in 1976, NAHQ currently comprises more than 5,000 individual members and 100 institutional members. Its goal is to promote the continuous improvement of quality in healthcare by providing educational and development opportunities for professionals at all management levels and within all healthcare settings.  

Join Statit Software in booth #216 at this year's conference, September 9-11, in Boston, MA. We will be conducting brief, informative presentations during exhibit hours of the show. The schedule will be as follows:

Mon, Sep 10:
  • 10:05a - The Importance of CQI Dashboards
  • 12:25p - Automating Quality Reporting Using Excel/MS Access Data
  • 12:55p - The Role of the Expert
  • 2:50p - Building Personalized Scorecards and Notifications
Tues, Sep 11:
  • 7:40a - Understanding Root Cause
  • 10:35a - The Role of the Expert
After meeting with Statit Software, participants should be better able to:
  • Understand how to share performance improvement analyses throughout the healthcare organization
  • Create dashboards, scorecards and trend output utilizing existing data
  • Provide accountability to "experts" to interactively create comments and corrective actions when necessary
  • Automatically send alerts when targets are missed or special cause variation exists in a critical process
  • Derive knowledge to support timely, data-driven decisions.

Statit Software staff will be on hand to hold one-on-one meetings. Request your meeting!

Statit Software is Expanding!  
To meet the needs of our healthcare customers, Statit Software has two strategically important positions available for immediate hiring. We offer remarkable careers for remarkable people. Our culture includes respect, teamwork and fun. Please review the positions and let us know of your interest and/or questions.
VP of Marketing for Healthcare - deadline August 31, 2007
Senior Application Engineer - deadline August 13, 2007
Statit piMD 3.0 Released! 
Statit Software is pleased to announce the release of Statit piMD™ 3.0, the latest version of its leading web solution for performance improvement initiatives for healthcare.

Hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada use Statit solutions to access, analyze, correct and interpret quality data.  Read the full press release to see why you should too!

Contact us to request your personalized demonstration
Statit Software Solutions Now Available on GSA Contract
Statit Software, Inc., the premier provider of statistical process control (SPC) technology for quality improvement, is pleased to announce the addition of our performance improvement software products to the GSA Contract. We worked closely on this with our government reseller, Symmetry Services Group, a woman-owned small business in Vienna, Virginia.
Upcoming Webinar
Successful Performance Improvement Initiatives: The Role of the Expert
In this complimentary webinar, you will learn why and how your process expert plays a critical role in driving strategic improvements throughout the organization.
  • What is a "process expert"?
  • What are their key responsibilities
  • What tools are needed to help the process expert with their responsibilities?
  • How is the information disseminated in "real time"?

The webinar will help you understand how Statit Software and its Performance Indicator & Management Dashboard (piMD) solution provides the tools necessary for "process expert accountability" and meaningful performance improvement success.

Two sessions will be held on Wednesday, August 22. Content will be identical.
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