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May 2008
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Physician Profile: A Prescription for Success
Measuring Performance Improvement within the Quality Department
Burke Rehab's Recipe for Success
Kids Learn About Quality in a Fun Activity
Designing and Implementing Composite Performance Measures to Accelerate Quality Improvement
Statit piMD 3.5 Released!
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Physician Profile: A Prescription for Success
The application of Web-based information technology and data analysis tools to the quality improvement process enhances the capability and capacity of leading healthcare organizations to conduct performance improvement projects and gain "actionable information" to assist with decision making. Each time we turn around, there is another reason why this becomes of greater importance, whether we are talking about core measures, P4P or physician profiles. This brief article will outline some of the challenges in creating and maintaining profiles and how Statit piMD overcomes the hurdles; a prescription for success.   
First, some history...
Measuring Performance Improvement within the Quality Department

Statit piMD provides a solution that allows Quality Departments to automatically measure and report on various performance indicators within the organization. Statit piMD now allows the Quality Department to measure how their department is progressing in Process Improvement methodologies for the indicators that they report on. 
Here's a sample of metrics that are readily available:
  • Total # of Indicators being reported
  • % of Public Indicators
  • % of Indicators in Alarm state
  • % of Indicators which have Action Plans
  • % of Indicators which require Process Expert validation
  • % of Indicators which are using Bar charts vs. SPC charts for reporting
  • # of Indicators which are experiencing unusual variation for the most recent period
  • % of Indicators which have Process Phases defined
  • % of Indicators using Comparison Analysis vs. Bar charts


Burke Rehab's Recipe for Success

Take one rehabilitation hospital, six Administrative Directors, twenty department heads, one Executive Medical Officer and one Executive Director, mix with a great desire to improve process performance, bake for two days and voila! Success!

Really? That's all it takes to have a successful performance improvement initiative implementation? Well, it's a great start.  But it takes much more. It takes an internal champion who has the drive to make the implementation successful.  It takes upper management's buy-in from the get-go. It also takes a proven performance improvement application.

Let's take a look at how Burke Rehabilitation Hospital got their performance improvement initiative up and running...

Kids Learn About Quality in a Fun Activity
The Performance Improvement Department located at North Kansas City Hospital in Missouri used Statit piMD in a quality assurance demonstration for children attending Take Your Child to Work Day on April 24.
Designing and Implementing Composite Performance Measures to Accelerate Quality Improvement
A Case Study at Doylestown Hospital Using Core Measures...and More

As a healthcare professional, you need to measure performance and show results now -- lives depend on it. Use well-designed composite measures in combination with Pareto charts to maximize your improvement efforts.

  • Increase the reliability of care.
  • Align the work of multiple units, departments and different members of the care team with organizational aims.
  • Help leadership identifiy the processes most in need of their engagement and support.
Learn from the experience at Doylestown Hospital -- a case study highlighting the techniques and approaches that will help you harness this powerful tool in any environment.
Statit Software was pleased to sponsor this Quality Practice Seminar last Winter, presented through the American Society for Quality.  If you missed it, you can still view the presentation ON DEMAND!

Statit piMD 3.5 Released! 
Statit Software is pleased to announce the release of Statit piMD 3.5, the latest version of our leading web solution for performance improvement initiatives for healthcare organizations. Hundreds of our clients throughout the U.S. and Canada are using Statit solutions to access, analyze and interpret their healthcare quality data.
Some of the new functionality in version 3.5 includes:
  • Enhanced usage reporting and statistics for Indicators and Users
  • Integration with Windows NT Authentication for easier access
  • Rare Events reporting which allows you to track time between individual events
  • Quality Department / Process Improvement Reporting (read more
  • Enhanced online help for each type of analysis in Statit piMD

If you haven't take a look at what Statit piMD 3.5 has to offer your organization, make time today to take a 10 minute tour.

Statit piMD 3.5 is available now. For more information on this release or for a short WebEx demonstration of the new capabilities, contact Statit Software at (541) 752-4500 or email info@statit.com.
Visit us at NAHQ 
Collaboration: The Spark Behind Quality
Ignite the spark behind healthcare quality at the National Association for Healthcare Quality's 33rd annual Educational Conference at the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in sunny Phoenix, AZ, September 14-17.
Statit piMD™ helps nurture a "culture of quality," creating structures and processes to monitor performance, identify deficiencies and to devise, test and implement solutions. Whether you are a single hospital, ambulatory care center or a large, integrated delivery system, Statit piMD provides a simple yet powerful way to access, track, analyze, compare and contrast raw data in ways that provide insights from which to make objective, sustainable and defensible decisions.

At NAHQ, attendees will:
  • Get cutting-edge news in healthcare quality
  • Learn firsthand about innovative products
  • Earn valuable continuing education (CE) credits
  • Network with key leaders in healthcare quality 
To learn more about Statit Software's healthcare solutions, visit Booth #313 during the NAHQ conference, or visit the Statit Software site at www.statit.com. Visit the NAHQ web site at www.nahq.org for more information on the conference.

Statit Software staff will be on hand to hold one-on-one meetings. Request your meeting!

Physician Profiles: "Quality" Reports for the Enterprise
a complimentary webinar

The entire healthcare industry is under siege from internal and external sources. The days of laboriously gathering data, which result in suspect and vague interpretations, is a thing of the past. Statit Software has teamed with its clients in the healthcare industry to improve healthcare performance by improving critical processes, including physician performance.

Key issues include:

  • Many different physicians and physican metrics need to be tracked
  • Data is EVERYWHERE on the network
  • Different reporting needs/schedules for management and physicians
  • Interactive chart annotation (comment, action plans & phases/real-time analysis of significance, etc.)
  • Encourage adoption of evidence-based medicine
  • Convenient access

In this month's complimentary webinar, Tom Simas, President of Statit Software, will discuss physician profiling. We will explore the challenges associated with physician profiling reporting, tracking and measuring performance, comparisons to peer group and drilling down to encounter-level detail. Automating your physician profiling reports with accurate and statistically significant analyses for physicians is the first step in driving the hospital's overall quality and financial well-being. There are many ways to examine physician profiling; we will show you how we do it using Statit piMD™.

Presented by
Tom Simas
President & CEO
Statit Software, Inc.

May 28, 2008 
  10:00 a.m. Pacific
  11:00 a.m. Mountain
  12:00 p.m. Central
  1:00 p.m. Eastern

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