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February 2009
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Customer Highlight: Bluegrass Regional MH-MR Board, Inc.
Automating the Creation of PowerPoint Presentations for Management
Addressing Ever Changing Reporting Needs
Setting up Automatic Logins
Statit Solutions - Reduce...Reuse...Renew...Recycle
Survey Data Getting on Your Nerves?
Statit Welcomes New Customers & Staff
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Customer Highlight: Bluegrass Regional MH-MR Board, Inc.

by Cindy Faulkner, Regional Director of Performance Improvement at Bluegrass
Bluegrass Regional MH-MR Board, Inc. is the largest community mental health center in Kentucky. We are a non-profit organization providing services in mental health, mental retardation, developmental disabilities and substance abuse to over 30,000 individuals each year. Those services are delivered in a variety of settings--outpatient, residential, hospital and intermediate-care. The area served covers over 500 square miles in Central Kentucky.
The majority of our funding comes from State general fund dollars and Medicaid. The mission of the organization is to provide services regardless of the individual's ability to pay for that care. Bluegrass typically delivers over ten million dollars a year in charity care. With this in mind, it is easy to understand that we run very lean administratively. We would rather devote resources to our consumers than spend money on administrative staff.
As the organization grew, it became increasingly difficult to keep up the demands of various stakeholders for data and information without additional staff resources. Read on to see what path Bluegrass took...
Automating the Creation of PowerPoint Presentations for Management
Statit piMD lets you automate your monthly/quarterly reports by allowing you to publish output to MS Office applications. By using capabilities built into MS Word and PowerPoint, you can save yourself the time and effort required to hand insert each of your indicator graphs into the Office Document each reporting period. The key here is to build up your report framework and then link in your indicator graphs, rather than embed them into your document.
Statit piMD can also provide instant drill down and details for any of the indicators being presented. If someone attending the presentation asks a question like, "Why was last quarter so bad?" the presenter can just click on the image in PowerPoint and view the detailed indicator display within Statit piMD. By doing so, the presenter now has access to the full interactive capabilities of Statit piMD and can click on a particular period to show which facilities or units were dragging the overall indicator down. They can also see the detailed data, see comments and action plans entered by the process expert, and view comparison analyses to identify which facility, unit or physician is performing differently from the rest.
Quality, Performance Improvement and Risk Management: Addressing Ever Changing Reporting Needs

CGH Medical Center in Sterling, Illinois, wanted an efficient, cost-effective way to meet their Quality, Performance Improvement (PI) and Risk reporting requirements for their organization. For external reporting of Core Measures, they used a proven and endorsed ORYX system, Midas+ CPMS. For internal management reporting, they had assembled several Excel spreadsheets and Adobe PDF documents, and printed them for monthly and quarterly committee meetings. This process was time consuming and cumbersome, and by the time the information reached its intended audience, it was already dated. CGH searched for a better reporting system and found Statit piMD and Statit PPR.


Let's take a look at their implementation process...

Setting up Automatic Logins
Were you aware that it is possible to set up automatic login using Statit piMD and Statit PPR?
Traditionally, a user has logged into Statit's web-based products by connecting to a manual login page and supplying a username and password. Once these credentials were verified, the user was logged into the system and presented with their default view. With the release 3.5, Statit piMD introduced the ability to automatically authenticate users using the "Integrated Windows Authentication" feature of Internet Explorer.
Let's take a look at how it works...
Statit Solutions - Reduce...Reuse...Renew... Recycle... 
Flexibility is the cornerstone of "going green" whether we are talking about personal habits or technology. Let's consider these "5 Rs" through the eyes of the Statit Solutions Group with a request that is heard often. Understanding physician performance is a critical component in continuous process improvement initiatives. Statit Solutions is a leading provider of Physician Profiling solutions. Let us now consider a variation of this theme: allowing us to conquer the first "R"...reduce spending.
Survey Data Getting on Your Nerves? 
You've probably seen the data. You get a spreadsheet that has survey data with a row for each survey returned and a column for each question on the survey. The answers to some of the questions are in the form of "Excellent", "Good", "Fair" and "Poor" while others are "Yes", "No" or "Not Applicable". And to make things even more complicated, in each column there could be a number of blank spaces...HELP!
We are Growing!  Welcome New Customers and New Staff!! 
Statit is pleased to welcome the following new customers:
  • Columbia Memorial Hospital
  • Chelsea Community Hospital
  • Sanford Health
  • Southern Illinois Healthcare
  • Memorial Hospital
  • CGH Medical Center
  • Kaiser Permanente - San Diego
  • Kentucky Department of Mental Health
  • Miami Valley Hospital
  • St. Peter's Hospital
  • Alegent Health
  • Thomason Hospital

We are also excited to welcome two new staff members: Steve Fullerton and Brian Bergeron. 

Steve has more than 25 years of experience with the Statit products, ranging from the system internals to application development. He was the technical lead for the Statit technology at Statware and Electroglas.
Steve has a broad technical background including data analysis, system architecture, data acquisition and integration. His education includes a B.S. in Mathematics and a Master of Statistics from the University of Utah.
Steve can be contacted at
sfullerton@statit.com. His phone number is (541) 368-7409.  

Brian has a B.S. from Portland State University and has been involved in software sales for the last 22 years.  He was with Intersolv/Serena software for 11 years selling application development tools and prior to that he was with Instromedix, Inc. a medical hardware/software company specializing in transtelephonic medicine.
Brian can be contacted at
bbergeron@statit.com.  His phone number is (503) 537-4060.

Both Steve and Brian are looking forward to working with new and existing customers to help you along your Quality Improvement journey!

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