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June 2009
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Customer Highlight: Kaiser Permanente San Diego
In Search of the Holy Grail...Keeping up with OPPE
Automating the Creation of PowerPoint Presentations for Management
How do I Measure the Percentage of Yes Answers without Re-writing my Whole Spreadsheet?
Statit Welcomes New Customers
Customer Highlight: Physician Profiles through the Eyes of Kaiser Permanente San Diego

Submitted by:
     Marion Yerxa RN, MBA, CPHQ, Director of Quality Management
     Ray Sandoval, Midas+ Administrator
     Aimee Miter, Statit PPR Administrator 
About Kaiser Permanente San Diego 
Kaiser Permanente began serving San Diego in 1967 and currently provides care for nearly 500,000 members. Medical care is provided at 20 outpatient medical offices and at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital San Diego. The hospital averages over 2,700 hospital discharges a month. The outpatient medical offices average over 115,000 physician outpatient visits a month.  Kaiser Permanente utilizes an electronic medical record system which integrates inpatient and ambulatory care received by members.
The Quality Management Department purchased the Statit Physician Profile & Review (PPR) solution to address The Joint Commission requirement for ongoing physician practice evaluation. We quickly realized that Statit would also allow us to capture key performance measures to assist physician leaders in making decisions about department management priorities based on physician performance trends, visits, procedure details, patient satisfaction scores and quality data. With Statit, we were able to easily integrate local data, data files from corporate offices (HEDIS performance) and vendor data files.  
In Search of the Holy Grail...Keeping up with OPPE
Used to be finding a reliable, automated and affordable physician profiling solution was like embarking on a quest to find the Holy Grail...in fact, finding the Grail had higher odds!!  Not any longer.  Midas+ Statit has changed all of that.  For an example, refer to an article written by the staff at Kaiser Permanente San Diego. But first, let's learn more about physician profiles and some of the inherent challenges they create.
The application of web-based information technology and data analysis tools to the on-going professional practice evaluation (OPPE) mandate from The Joint Commission enhances the capability and capacity of leading healthcare organizations to look at the data on performance for all practitioners with privileges on an ongoing basis, which allows them to take steps to improve performance on a more timely basis.  Data used "correctly" helps improve the output of the resources we have available. 

What exactly is correctly? Read on for answers to your questions...
Automating the Creation of PowerPoint Presentations for Management
Statit Performance Indicator & Management Dashboard (piMD) lets you automate your monthly/quarterly reports by allowing you to publish output to MS Office applications. By using capabilities built into MS Word and PowerPoint, you can save yourself the time and effort required to hand insert each of your indicator graphs into the Office Document each reporting period. The key here is to build up your report framework and then link in your indicator graphs, rather than embed them into your document.
Statit piMD can also provide instant drill down and details for any of the indicators being presented. If someone attending the presentation asks a question like, "Why was last quarter so bad?" the presenter can just click on the image in PowerPoint and view the detailed indicator display within Statit piMD. By doing so, the presenter now has access to the full interactive capabilities of Statit piMD and can click on a particular period to show which facilities or units were dragging the overall indicator down. They can also see the detailed data, see comments and action plans entered by the process expert, and view comparison analyses to identify which facility, unit or physician is performing differently from the rest.
How do I Measure the Percentage of Yes Answers without Re-writing my Whole Spreadsheet? 
You've probably seen the data. You get a spreadsheet that has survey data with a row for each survey returned and a column for each question on the survey. The answers to some of the questions are in the form of "Excellent", "Good", "Fair" and "Poor" while others are "Yes", "No" or "Not Applicable". And to make things even more complicated, in each column there could be a number of blank spaces...How can I produce a chart from these data? HELP!
Welcome New Customers!! 
Statit is pleased to welcome the following new customers:
  • Mary Washington Hospital
  • Univ. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento
  • General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital
  • South Georgia Medical Center
  • Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
  • Enloe Medical Center
  • Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • Scripps Mercy Hospital
  • Fauquier Hospital
  • Benefis Hospital
  • Cooley-Dickinson Hospital

For more information on the solutions these customers chose, contact us at info@statit.com or 800.478.2892.

Statit Physician Profile & Review Overview
a complimentary webinar
Midas+ Statit Solutions Group is pleased to provide a complimentary webinar of the Statit Physician Profile & Review software solution. Replace your manual, printed output with Statit's automated physician performance scorecards. Organize and report on every physician, aligning strategic hospital objectives with physician performance and practice patterns against targets and alarms while accessing existing and planned data sources including Midas+, Excel, Access, SQL databases, text and more!

Log on to view this complimentary webinar and you will be shown how to:
  • Organize and report on the required, six general competency areas from The Joint Commission
  • Manage peer groups for comparison purposes
  • Drill down to patient encounters
  • Provide secure, data access to each physician
  • Understand who is "different"
  • Deploy Plan-Do-Study-Act through on-line comments, action plans and "phases"
  • Allow department chair/medical officer to create on-line reviews of physician performance including date and signature stamp
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