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August 2009
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A Tale of Three Healthcare Organizations
Physician Profiles - A Recipe for Success!
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Statit Welcomes New Customers
A Tale of Three Healthcare Organizations: A Hospital, A Rehabilitation Facility and a Mental Health Facility 

No matter the focus, healthcare organizations of all varieties continue to face challenges dealing with data, auditors, transparency, periodic reporting, cutbacks, etc. Statit feels your pain and wants you to know we will do everything we can to address your challenges and walk down the performance improvement path with you. We also recognize that each organization is different and faces its own unique set of challenges. Although you may have seen these stories before, we received numerous requests to re-run the information. Apparently, these types of articles spark your performance improvement creativity. Keep the fire burning--enjoy!
The Hospital: Bellin Health Systems, Green Bay, WI
The Hospital's Challenge: Bellin's measurement control system had over 250 system-level quality indicators. Many of these indicators also were reported at the department level and on varying schedules. It was also clear to the Quality Resources team that the demand for quality and safety information from both accreditation and certification agencies, as well as the general public, would continue to grow.  How did Bellin Health address their challenges?  
The Rehabilitation Facility: Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, White Plains, NY
The Rehabilitation Facility's Challenge: Successfully implementing a performance improvement initiative. Take one rehabilitation hospital, six Administrative Directors, twenty department heads, one Executive Medical Officer and one Executive Director, mix with a great desire to improve process performance, bake for two days and voila! Success! Really? That's all it takes? Well, it's a great start. But it takes much more. Let's take a look at how Burke Rehabilitation Hospital got their performance improvement initiative up and running...

The Mental Health Facility: Bluegrass Regional MH-MR Board, Inc.
The Mental Health Facility's Challenge: The need to keep up the demands of various stakeholders for data and information without additional staff resources. Read on to see what path Bluegrass took...   
Physician Profiles - A Recipe for Success!
ACS Midas+ is pleased to present a new Dynamic Learning Series of complimentary educational webinars discussing the hot topics in healthcare today. Three tracks were offered this summer: Accreditation, Case Management and Quality. The second session in the Quality Track was held August 12 and was entitled, "Physician Profiles - A Recipe for Success!" We invite you to view the recording from this session. Information about this recording is provided below. 
Presented by:
Henry Johnson MD MPH, Medical Director - ACS Midas+
Dan Schober, Systems Development Manager - Midas+ Statit Solutions Group
Physician profiles are becoming increasingly important as part of initial hospital appointment, reappointment, and ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE), as now required by The Joint Commission. This session will describe the steps to create your own profiles, including potential pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

Viewers of this complimentary webinar will be shown how to:
  • Design measures, including quality performance measures, that are required by both The Joint Commission and your medical staff
  • Look for data that is accurate, reliable, valid and affordable!
  • Build profiles based on physician specialty
  • Begin implementation in a step-wise fashion to minimize risk of failure
You will also see how profiles can be displayed and distributed to your medical staff via secure web access. View the presentation files
Visit us at NAHQ!
Deep in the Heart of Quality
National Association for Healthcare Quality's 34th annual Educational Conference
Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center
Grapevine, TX, September 13-16
This year's theme, "Deep in the Heart of Quality," highlights the big heart and welcome that Texans are known for. Make no mistake about it: NAHQ and its members are all about quality-Texas style!
As a result of attending the conference, participants will be able to meet the following objectives:
  • Apply evidence-based methodologies and measurement tools to improve healthcare outcomes
  • Explore strategies for successfully leading and collaborating with others on healthcare improvement
  • Discover emerging trends in patient safety, accreditation and regulation, and healthcare quality across the continuum.

To learn more about the Midas+ Statit healthcare solutions, visit Booth #405 during the NAHQ conference, or visit www.statit.com. Visit the NAHQ web site at www.nahq.org for more information on the conference.
ACS Midas+ and Statit Solutions Group staff will be conducting brief, informative presentations during break times in Booth #405.  The presentation schedule is yet to be determined. Send email to Christee Sinclair if you would like to be notified once the schedule has been finalized.

Welcome New Customers!! 
Statit is pleased to welcome the following new customers:
  • University Physicians Healthcare
  • Sonora Regional Medical Center
  • Potomac Hospital Corporation
  • Chester County Hospital
  • Reid Hospital
  • San Joaquin Community Hospital

For more information on the solutions these customers chose, contact us at info@statit.com or 800.478.2892.

Navigating The Joint Commission OPPE Requirements
a complimentary webinar presented by ASQ
Midas+ Statit Solutions Group is pleased to sponsor this webinar series which offers a real-time virtual presentation that demonstrates how healthcare organizations and professionals have applied quality tools and practices to improve healthcare delivery.
You'll want to register for this COMPLIMENTARY webinar today! The ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE) mandated by The Joint Commission in 2007 has as an objective that organizations look at data on performance for all practitioners with privileges on an ongoing basis rather than at the two-year reappointment process. By doing so, this would allow organizations and providers to take steps to improve performance on a more timely basis. The objective is simple enough. Yet the practical application of data collection, attribution, analyses, evaluations, profile distribution, security, etc. is much more complicated. Join us for this informative hour of understanding and overcoming challenges that typically create hurdles in complying with TJC mandate. 
Log on to register for this complimentary webinar.

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Heller, MD, FACS

September 10, 2009
  11am Pacific
  12pm Mountain
  1pm Central
  2pm Eastern
Attendees will be presented with the following take-aways:  
  • Learn why OPPE is important; it's not just for TJC
  • Understand current Barriers
  • Receive information on steps necessary to complete OPPE
  • Gain recommendations for physician "buy-in"
  • Ask questions of an expert in the field of OPPE

    Register today! You won't want to miss out!!

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