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December 2009
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Performance Improvement through Smarter Reporting
Things to Consider in Choosing a Physician Profiling System
The Critical Role of the Process Expert
Statit Welcomes New Customers & Staff
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Performance Improvement through Smarter Reporting 

If you can provide more accurate and timely indicator information to users, then each person on your team will have more time to react and work to improve the performance of their measures. This is truly Smarter Reporting compared to the typical manually generated monthly / quarterly report of measures.
Imagine how smoothly your organization could work if the various indicators that different individuals needed access to could automatically be delivered to them as soon as something happened (e.g. new period of data available) for that measure.
Imagine the success of your Quality Improvement efforts by fully deploying the role of the Process Expert and making their actions transparent.
And, imagine the Process Improvement activities that could be performed by the staff who are currently manually reporting on all of your indicators if the reporting process could truly be automated. 
More time to focus on Process Improvement = Better Outcomes.  
View 60-minute webinar on Performance Improvement through Smart Reporting
Things to Consider in Choosing a Physician Profiling System
Not only is The Joint Commission's 2007 Standards for Physician Core Competencies reporting a requirement, it is also the right thing to do! The Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) requires we measure and evaluate physician performance on a "regular basis." Just as important, consumers continue to demand quality care at affordable costs. Regular performance reviews, quality objectives and reduced cost should not be the exceptions; they should and can be the rule. Finding solutions to help make "predictable quality at a predictable cost" are not as easy as they may first appear. Providing physicians with feedback on their performance data relative to care processes and outcomes is essential to resolving the "predictability" conundrum. There are many solutions that tout their ability to provide this type of analytics but, at what "cost?" This article examines a few issues to consider before "signing on the bottom line."
The Critical Role of the Process Expert
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) should be an organization's ongoing and long term process, whereby they continue to make improvements on various metrics or measures within their organization. Critically important pieces of any continuous performance improvement initiative are: Transparency and Accountability. Actions taken by a person responsible for a measure's performance need to be visible to anyone within the organization who wants to view this information. This visibility or transparency leads to accountability which ultimately leads to quicker performance gains.  If everyone knows who is responsible for the performance of a measure and that person's assessment and actions are easily visible, then the magic happens quicker.
Welcome New Customers & Staff!! 
Statit is pleased to welcome the following new customers:
  • Arrowhead Hospital, Glendale AZ
  • Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital, Chicago IL
  • MacNeal Hospital, Berwyn IL
  • Maryvale Hospital Medical Center, Phoenix AZ
  • MetroWest Medical Center, MA
  • North Central Baptist Hospital, San Antonio TX
  • Northeast Baptist Hospital, San Antonio TX
  • Palos Community Hospital, Palos Heights IL
  • Paradise Valley Hospital, Phoenix AZ
  • Phoenix Baptist Hospital, Phoenix AZ
  • Providence Health System, Renton WA
  • Southeast Baptist Hospital, San Antonio TX
  • St. Luke's Baptist Hospital, San Antonio TX  
  • Saint Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center, Worcester MA
  • University Medical Center, Tucson AZ
  • West Valley Hospital, Goodyear AZ
  • Vanguard Health Systems

For more information on the solutions these customers chose, contact us at info@statit.com or 800.478.2892.

Clare Beslack
We are also excited to welcome Clare Beslack to the Statit team as a Support Specialist! Clare has 25 years experience as a Software Developer, Systems Analyst, and Project Manager with several software systems in the healthcare and manufacturing environments. Clare was the system administrator for Statit piMD and Statit PPR at Chelsea Community Hospital in Michigan as well as the System Manager for their Midas+ system. She brings strong analytical and problem solving skills with her. The ultimate joy for Clare is training, and working directly with users.
Clare can be contacted at cbeslack@statit.com.
Visit us at IHI!

Mark your calendar for December 6-9, 2009! We hope to see you at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) 21st Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. Be a part of change at this year's national forum. Every year, the National Forum refuels the tanks of leaders of change, from executives to the front line. This year, it will be a once-in-a lifetime moment. While the nation debates about health care reform, those of us who are committed to health care improvement must regain focus on what matters most - providing safe, effective patient care at a reasonable cost. There has never been a more crucial time for us to be together, share ideas, take stock, and begin making the changes the nation needs now. Don't miss it!
The National Forum offers participants unparalleled opportunities to reignite their energy for change by learning and teaching among talented and optimistic colleagues who share their vision and passion.

Where's ACS Midas+?
You can find information about all of our product lines in the ACS Midas+ Booth #303. ACS Midas+ offers an integrated suite of solutions for health care organizations, including:
  • Patient Safety
  • Care Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Provider Information Management
  • Accreditation Solutions
  • Patient Throughput
  • Physician Profiling
Product experts from all product lines will be on hand to discuss your organization's needs and show you how we can help you overcome hurdles with meeting your patient care information management needs.  Stop by and see our familiar faces and plan on attending one of the presentations mentioned below!

Presentation Schedule 
Join us in Booth #303 at this year's conference. ACS Midas+ product experts will be conducting brief, informative presentations during exhibit hours of the show. The schedule will be as follows:
Mon, Dec 7
  • 4:00p - Challenges with Accreditation...Has this Ever Happened to You? 
  • 5:00p - Physician Profiling - A Recipe for Success! 
Tues, Dec 8
  • 9:15a - Clinical Data Integration - Turning Data into Actionable Information 
  • 12:45p - Physician Profiling - A Recipe for Success!
  • 5:00p - Challenges with Accreditation...Has this Ever Happened to You?
  • 5:45p - Performance Improvement through Smarter Reporting
Wed, Dec 9
  • 12:45p - Clinical Data Integration - Turning Data into Actionable Information
ACS Midas+ looks forward to seeing you soon in Orlando!
Designing and Rolling out Effective OPPE Solutions
a complimentary webinar presented by ASQ
Midas+ Statit Solutions Group is pleased to sponsor this webinar series which offers a real-time virtual presentation that demonstrates how healthcare organizations and professionals have applied quality tools and practices to improve healthcare delivery.
You'll want to register for this COMPLIMENTARY webinar today! As most healthcare organizations begin to address ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE) mandated by The Joint Commission, there are many obstacles as well as opportunities for rolling this out successfully. Marion Yerxa will share her experiences of developing / deploying Physician Profiling to meet OPPE requirements and, even more importantly, helping the chiefs understand how their teams are performing. 
Discussion topics will include:
Development of different Physician Profiles for different specialties
Measures used within Physician Profiles will change over time
Experiences of working with the Chiefs to roll out OPPE
Thoughts / experiences of exposing physician names to their peers for different indicators
Involving Doctors early in the review process by having them review their performance on the OPPE measures before their Chief does and to have them document any unusual performance for specific measures. This holds the Doctor more accountable for their performance and saves the Chief valuable time.
Log on to register for this complimentary webinar.
Presenter: Marion Yerxa RN, MBA, CPHQ
January 13, 2010
  10am Pacific
  11am Mountain
  12pm Central
  1pm Eastern
Register today! You won't want to miss out!!
For information on past sessions, visit ASQ's site. 
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