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Statit Customized Training Courses

Course Description

A Statit trainer can work with you to design a course around your needs. This affords the quickest and most detailed approach to learning and then using Statit
within your company.

Who Should Attend

Users who need a solution to a particular problem or require in-depth, personal training. Value-Added-Resellers, or others who wish to embed Statit in their application will find this course very rewarding.


Attendees should be familiar with Statit, although expertise is not necessary. Specific goals should be outlined and discussed with the instructor prior to the class. You are asked to provide your own data sets, reports, and whatever other material is relevant.

Possible Topics

  • Developing custom menus
  • Custom data entry forms
  • Custom reports
  • Statit procedure writing
  • Custom graphics
  • Writing Statit Data Server programs

Course Objective

To learn how to best use Statit to solve your unique data analysis needs in a timely and efficient manner.

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