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Statit Custom QC Advanced Concepts

Course Description

The emphasis of this course is writing Statit Custom QC procedures and advanced macros. Instruction is given in how to best use the capabilities of the Statit Advanced Macro and Procedure Writing Language. This module gives you the most powerful tools for customizing Statit to meet your specific requirements.

Who Should Attend

Users who want to explore the full capabilities of Statit Custom QC's Advanced Macro and Procedure Writing Language and Statit Forms Language.


Familiarity with fundamental Statit commands in needed. It is helpful to have gone through the Statit Custom QC Fundamentals training. Experience in writing computer programs in any language and in the use of a file editor to create files is generally helpful.


  • Command files versus procedures
  • Grammar items and how to use them
  • Options on your procs
  • Built-in functions
  • Advanced macro writing including logic

Course Objectives

  • To gain mastery of the command grammar parser
  • To learn how to apply Statit Custom QC's built-in functions to your requirements
  • To learn how to apply the structured programming commands to your requirements
  • To learn efficient programming styles

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