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Statit Custom QC Fundamentals

Course Description

This course begins with the basics of using Statit:

  • reading data in desktop application
  • using Statit's on-line help system
  • generating graphs and descriptive information using data

Building on the basics, study will continue with manipulating data and creating output for reports, and will include an overview of the statistics, graphics, and data analysis capabilities provided by Statit Custom QC.

Customizing Statit Custom QC at the user and company level will be discussed, along with general administrative issues.

Who Should Attend

  • New users
  • Anyone who has used Statit Custom QC and has not received structured instruction
  • Individuals who will be the key contact at their site


  • Statit overview
  • Basic data retrieval and graphics
  • Import, edit, and save files
  • Data manipulation
  • Compute, sort, and descriptive statistics
  • Descriptive and graphical analysis of data
  • Output and options
  • Optional: statistics, process management

Course Objectives

  • To become comfortable with using Statit Custom QC through hands-on labs
  • To learn how to read and write data in a variety of formats
  • To learn how to manipulate, correct, and view your data through hands-on practice
  • To learn how to output your analyses and graphs to hard copy or files
  • To learn how to customize Statit Custom QC to your needs
  • To learn why and when to use Statit commands as well as how

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