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Getting Started with Statit e-QC

Course Description

This one- to two-day course introduces users and developers alike to the world of Statit e-QC. User interface, navigation, dynamic and static report creation, and user administration are all covered. Attendees are introduced to the process of developing Statit macros in Statit Custom QC, the desktop relative of Statit e-QC, and shown
how macros can translate into dynamic reports. The course is part of the Statit e-QC Installation Package.

Who Should Attend

Users, developers, and administrators who want to explore the capabilities of Statit e-QC and become familiar with its functionality.


This course is an introductory course. All knowledge levels are welcome.


  • Statit e-QC navigation inside the Web browser
  • User administration
  • Dynamic report display and editing
  • Static report creation
  • Prototyping with Statit Custom QC
  • Database connectivity

Course Objectives

  • To gain an understanding of Statit e-QC and its functionality
  • To learn to navigate Statit e-QC and learn to distinguish between all of the terms and features of Statit e-QC
  • To establish database connectivity and give examples of data retrieval

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