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Statit Scripting Fundamentals

Course Description

This two day course will provide the basics of the Statit Scripting language. This course is a structured and hands-on training session, incorporating lab exercises
to give the participant practice in Statit Scripting. Specific questions and scenarios are encouraged.

Who Should Attend

  • Statit e-QC macro developers who need a refresher or follow-up to original Statit e-QC training
  • Any Statit user who wants to write automated macros or scripts


This course is introductory. All knowledge levels are welcome.


  • Statit Custom QC overview
  • Data manipulation and modification
  • Compute, sort and descriptive statistics
  • Descriptive and graphical analysis of data
  • Looping structures in Statit Script

Course Objectives

  • To become comfortable with using Statit Custom QC through hands-on labs
  • To learn how to manipulate, correct, and modify your data through hands-on practice
  • To learn important tools to prepare data for analysis
  • To learn how to analyze your data
  • To learn how to create automated macros, either for Statit e-QC or Statit Custom QC

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