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Statit Custom QC Data Access

SQL Databases

Statit provides access via SQL and an interactive query tool to relational databases. Database connectivity is via ODBC.

Statit provides seamless integration so the database columns are imported with the same name, data type, and associated dictionary information.

The Statit query tool provides a powerful, easy-to-use interface to a database. Using only the mouse the user may select tables and columns, define joins, specify a where condition, sort, and group. Queries may be saved to disk for later use.

Spreadsheets and Other Files Types

Statit allows you to read data from a file or your keyboard in many forms and formats, including numeric, string, monetary, date and/or time, and binary. Because Statit can read data in almost any format, data can be collected from existing data sets without pre-processing.

Statit offers the ability to import and export files in many different formats including Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, SAS, SPSS, Paradox, dBase, FoxPro, QuattroPro, Stata, and Matlab.

Direct Data Entry

When entering data directly into Statit you can reduce errors and increase productivity by using data entry forms.

Forms are created either automatically by Statit, referred to as “keyboard” forms, or they may be custom designed using Statit’s Form Language (SFL).

In the "keyboard" method, you specify the variable names and their types and Statit creates the form automatically.

Using SFL, you can create data entry forms that support all data formats and include features such as forced or default responses, popup menus for response selection, data verification, etc. Virtually all the functionality of the user interface is available with SFL.

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