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Statit Custom QC Data Management

Modifying And Manipulating Data

Statit provides a full range of data modification, manipulation, and transformation capabilities, including conditional transformations, subsetting, sorting, and ranking.

Many built-in functions for arithmetic, mathematics, statistical, and trigonometric transformations are provided. Also provided are string, date, and time manipulation functions. Statit has a variety of commands for the management and manipulation of data. There are commands to:

  • modify and compute new data items and variables
  • perform conditional computations based on logical criteria, possibly using a subset of data
  • change values, combine categories, or collapse intervals
  • rank variable observations as well as lag or lead over time periods
  • calculate moving averages and ranges
  • convert numeric or string variables to date variables

Missing Values

Missing values may be identified by either using Statit’s predefined value (default is “?”) or one or more values may be defined on a variable-by-variable basis.

Matrix Data Types

Numeric matrices are provided with a rich set of functions and operators for performing custom analysis.

Formatting Data

Statit gives you complete control over numeric formatting, date and time formats, field lengths, and justification.

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