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Statit Custom QC

A Full-Featured Software Solution for Quality Analysis and Reporting; Publish Results to the Web

Statit Custom QC is a flexible, full-featured analysis tool for quality improvement teams with continuous quality improvement objectives. It is a completely customizable process management solution that enables you to construct quality systems built on Statit's powerful statistics and graphics engines to match your needs precisely. Statit Custom QC offers programming interfaces that give you complete control. Whether you need to deliver quality analysis tools to technical, management, or executive personnel, Statit Custom QC offers the range of functionality you need, including:

  • Performing industry-standard process management analyses
  • Creating custom process management analyses
  • Performing advanced statistical analyses
  • Automating process management processes
  • Network support
  • Integrating the quality system with other applications
  • Accessing local data, data stored in a central database, or management systems
  • Full use of Statit's scripting and programming capabilities
  • Customizing Statit analytical routines
  • Publishing graphs and reports to your intranet or the Internet (with Web Publishing option)
  • Customizing user interface screens such as data entry, dialogs, and menus

Requires: Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003

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