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Statit Manufacturing Background

Consider the essence of web-based process optimization for the enterprise. A scenario: Only hours into the week, individuals from across the enterprise - worldwide - effortlessly access the information they need to monitor processes and initiate changes for improvement. This continues in every department and facility: product design, customer service, finance, and procurement; multiple facilities in different geographic locations; as well as suppliers, strategic partners, and sales channels.

It's 6:00 Monday morning at a large manufacturing plant in California. As the shift changes, the line supervisor launches her web browser to review manufacturing statistics from the previous shifts. She sees a trend towards non-compliance on one manufacturing line, and, checking the maintenance schedule, notes that the equipment is due to be calibrated and schedules the maintenance. She then reviews manufacturing data for an important new product line. Yield is slightly below projected volumes, so she sends an e-mail to the quality engineer to review the process and to the product manager to revise product availability projections for the sales force.

At about the same time, the materials director is in Malaysia, having spent the day and most of the evening in meetings with a key supplier for the new product line. Before retiring for the evening, he launches his browser from the hotel to check on the supplier's recent on-time shipment rates and conformance status and makes some notes in preparation for his meeting the next day. The engineer has annotated the charts with notes on specific lots, giving the materials director the data he needs for the next day's negotiations.

With a board of directors meeting approaching, the CEO also reviews the status of the new product from his office in Chicago. From his web browser, he can easily review projected-to-actual status for different divisions including manufacturing, product development, customer service and finance. In several instances he drills down into the data to better understand underlying causes. Using this corporate "dashboard," he quickly gathers the information he needs to begin developing his presentation. He sends e-mail messages to several members of his executive staff requesting that they prepare in-depth presentations on the quality status in their departments.

Quality Analysis Moves Beyond Manufacturing

Traditionally, quality has been a function primarily of the manufacturing division of companies focused on producing a quality product in order to satisfy customers and generate profits. An individual or small group of quality engineers used process management techniques to measure and analyze manufacturing data such as yields, cycle times, and adherence to standards. Then the quality group used this data to implement new processes and procedures to improve quality.

As businesses became more complicated - with multiple product lines produced in many different facilities, complex bills of materials, and worldwide supply chains - tracking and improving quality has become more difficult. At the same time, companies are recognizing that every individual in every division affects quality, and therefore profitability. Competitive pressures are forcing these companies to review their quality systems and processes throughout the enterprise. Forward-thinking companies have explored a variety of options in an attempt to bring quality analysis to the enterprise. Some of those options - and their pros and cons - are listed below.

Yesterday's Solutions
Desktop Applications
(e.g., spreadsheet)
  • inexpensive
  • familiar
  • limited
  • no database integration
Business Information Systems
  • corporate support
  • database integration
  • requires client software
  • expensive
  • not designed to analyze quality
Stand-Alone SQC Software
  • designed for quality analysis
  • database integration
  • isolated to QC
  • requires client software
  • may require training
Recently - Web Publishing
  • information widely available
  • static information

Today's Solution: an e-Business Application for the Enterprise

Enterprise quality requires a software solution that gives individuals throughout the enterprise - from the manufacturing floor to the boardroom to the supply chain - real-time access to customized quality reports that meet their specific information needs. While most companies have enormous amounts of data, the data is not typically available to users in a way that lets them quickly and easily spot trends, anticipate problems, and identify underlying causes. The challenge is to provide a software solution that is cost-effective; configurable to meet a wide range of information needs and skill levels; easy to use, support, and access; and still powerful enough to provide in-depth quality analysis information. Statit is enabling enterprise-wide continuous quality improvement today with a powerful e-business application that simplifies the customization and use of statistical analysis techniques by a wide range of users, and leverages web technologies for easy, cost-effective access to quality data.

Statit e-QCFulfills Vision for Enterprise-Wide Quality Improvement

Statit e-QC is the only process optimization software that uses web technologies to provide live, real-time access to process analysis throughout the enterprise. Statit e-QC was designed to help companies bridge the gap between their data and quality improvement. The use of Statit e-QC is only limited by the creativity of the enterprise. High level features include:

  • Heterogeneous database access
  • Flexibility in building a reporting/presentation structure for each user
  • Full-featured, powerful control charting and statistical routines
  • Deployment of reports (dynamic and static) across the enterprise via commonly used browsers

Statit e-QC Provides Easy Access to Process Information

Statit e-QC is a web application, generating reports and quality charts as web pages. These pages are accessible by anyone in the organization using standard web browsers.

Statit e-QC's Power Takes On Data from Any Source

Enterprise databases are rarely homogeneous, but with Statit e-QC, it is unnecessary. Statit e-QC lets you pull data sets from independent databases throughout the entire enterprise, such as production, manufacturing, procurement, finance, customer service, sales, etc., and neatly integrates the data in a reporting structure that is meaningful to all. Statit e-QC can handle unequal data sets (such as missing data), can merge data sets, and takes data from ODBC sources.

Statit e-QC also provides powerful drill-down capabilities that provide a view of the underlying data for in-depth analysis through multiple levels. And users can add comments to charts on the web with annotations.

Statit e-QC Is Fully Customizable

Statit e-QC allows for extensive customization to access data from disparate databases and provide analysis specific to a wide variety of users. Statit e-QC not only provides quality information to traditional users (such as production and test), but also takes the information "outside" to senior level managers responsible for capital expenditures, product designers, customer service, and sales and marketing. The IT staff can depend on Statit e-QC to easily create custom views, saving considerable time and effort. Statit e-QC is easy to modify and distribute for moderate to power users, and requires no web programming skills.

Statit e-QC lets users dynamically specify charts based on pre-defined reports and parameters. Other products don't have Statit e-QC's built-in flexibility, and only provide static information or are limited to manufacturing quality analysis.

Statit e-QC Ensures Consistent Analysis and Reporting

Statit e-QC is highly sophisticated software that can be applied to any part of the company, providing for real-time, dynamic and static reporting. It serves all business metric applications consistently, from personnel to finance to customer service.

Enterprise Quality is Statit e-QC

Statit has developed the first dynamic, web-based, process optimization application for enterprise-wide use. Statit helps users at all levels within the enterprise understand and manage processes and their outcomes for optimal quality, consumer satisfaction, and cost management.

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