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Statit e-QC Benefits Overview

Accessibility to Your Reports and Data

Your users, suppliers and customers cna now access their information, reports and notification in Statit e-QC with only a web browser.

  • Access to Statit e-QC requires nothing more than a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox or a host of others.
  • There is no need to install and maintain application pieces or connections (ODBC) on everyone's desktop.
  • Statit e-QC collates data from various sources, allowing you to present an enterprise-wide view of your product and process performance.
  • Statit e-QC provides reporting views for a variety of users, with different needs and levels of expertise.

Decisions Based on Statistical Analysis

If you truly wish to improve quality, then you must measure quality with statistically valid, objective, sustainable and defendable techniques. Statit e-QC enables you to explore comparisons, perform in-depth statistical analysis, establish thresholds and monitor continuous improvement efforts. 

  • Analyze and control variances in business and production processes. 
  • Provide metrics for Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, or other continuous improvement programs.
  • Hundreds of Statistical Process Control, advanced statistics and business analytics available to your users.

Easy and Consistent Report Delivery

Statit e-QC makes it easy to automate your quality reporting so all of your company's decision makers can be viewing the same, up-to-the-minute reports from virtually anywhere in the world. 

  • Statit e-QC solutions are powerful communication tools helping you integrate your QC program with suppliers and customers alike.  
  • Changes made to Statit e-QC reports are immediately available to everyone in the organization.
  • Schedule standard and custom reports to be generated at predetermined times.
  • Customized e-mail distribution lists allow reports to be sent automatically to a user's email address.

Low Development Cost

Creation of reports, analysis, various user views can be accomplished without IT resources. We have designed Statit e-QC for use by non-programmers. With the use of Statit's interactive, prototyping desktop tool, non-programmer users can create their own reports, dashboards, etc. 

  • No HTML or other web development skills are required.  
  • There is no need for programmers or highly specialized technicians.
  • All customization is done using a web browser and Statit's desktop tool, Statit Custom QC.

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