Statit piMD FAQs


How do I get my existing data into Statit piMD's database?
You don't need to. Statit piMD can access your current data from where it already exists. Statit piMD supports directly accessing data from any type of database or data file.

What data file formats are supported?
Statit piMD can access data from nearly any kind of data file. Excel is the most common format, but data can also be extracted from SPSS, Minitab, SAS, csv, and many other formats.

Can Statit piMD access existing DB Queries / Views?
Yes. Statit piMD can access data from existing queries (e.g. Queries created in MS Access ) and Views created within databases.

Do my data files need to be moved in order for Statit piMD to access them?
No. Statit piMD can access the data files from anywhere on the network.

Is there any limit on the number of Indicators that can be configured?
No. You can have any number of Indicators defined in Statit piMD and tools are provided to let you organize and control access to the Indicators.

How long does it take for users to be able to view the Indicator after the data has been updated?
As soon as new data is added (e.g. adding a new row for an Indicator in Excel), it is available for viewing. Anyone with permission to see an Indicator will see the current data anytime they view the indicator.

Can users be notified when new data is available?
Yes. The Administrator and the Expert for Indicators automatically receive an e-mail to let them know that new data has been added to one of their Indicators.

Analysis Capabilities

What types of Analysis is supported?
The analysis capabilities include all SPC charts (p, u, c, np, x-bar, i, run, etc.) as well as a variety of techniques for comparing performance between different groups.

I have 3 years of data but only want to display last 12 months. Does Statit piMD support that?
Yes. Statit piMD allows you to easily define how many periods that you want to display for each Indicator Trend.

Can users compare performance of different facilities, cost centers, etc.?
Yes. Statit piMD makes it easy to see a breakdown of an Indicator by different groupings. For example, users can compare the performance of each facility and drill down to see the Indicator Trend for facilities that are not performing well.

How does Statit piMD handle target limits?
Statit piMD lets you specify either a fixed target or variable targets for each Indicator.

Action Plans

Can users add Assessments and Action Plans to Indicators?
Any user that has permission to view an Indicator can also view the Assessments and Action Plans for an Indicator. But only the assigned Expert or Administrator for a specific Indicator may add / edit the Assessments and Action Plans.

Output Capabilities

Can I integrate existing documents into Statit piMD and display process diagrams and internal documentation?
Yes. Documents associated with an Indicator are a click away. Statit piMD allows you integrate any document on a web site or your network to be accessed via the browser.

Can I display a logo on all of my output?
Yes. The template pages used for output generated by Statit piMD can be modified to reference a logo, image or include file to customize all output.

Can I print output from Statit piMD?
Of course. Statit piMD allows you to configure what information is included and how it is laid out. You can have different info / layouts for viewing interactively within the browser vs. sending to the printer. When viewing interactively, lots of info is available by mousing over different areas on the graphs. When printing, you can include more information and specify layouts to match existing reports.

End-User System Requirements

What must be installed on the end-user's machine to support Statit piMD?
One of the following Web Browsers:

Netscape 4.08 or greater
IE 4.03 or greater


Can user access be restricted to specific Indicators?
Yes. The Administrator can control which Indicators are available to specific users. All administration functions are performed using a web-based interface.

Can Indicators be defined so that anyone who has an account may view them?
Yes. Statit piMD supports Public Indicators that anyone with a login can access.

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