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"There are many products on the market, most of them far more expensive but none that I have seen that incorporate the functionally, relative ease of use, training and customer support of the Statit piMD application."

Robert Anderson
Manager/Programmer Analyst Data Resources
Alaska Native Medical Center

"We have done the head-to-head comparisons.  Statit far exceeds all contenders when it comes to building the tools and applications necessary to support a full Quality Improvement roll-out."

Dr. Brent C. James, M.D., M.Stat.
Executive Director, Institute for Health Care Delivery Research
Intermountain Health Care

"People want to know what they are responsible for and the Statit piMD solution provides tangible ways to build accountability into our quality control processes."

Colleen O'Brien, MSN, MSMI, RN, CPHQ
Team Leader, Quality and Resource/Privacy Officer
Bellin Health

"The ability to publish indicators has widened the network of people that Statit output can be easily shared with, which has made Statit a much more powerful communication tool."

Suzy Beeler, Director of Clinical Outcomes Measurement
Seton Family of Hospitals

"I rely on metrics everyday to identify process shortfalls and other issues. The Statit tool provides me (and leadership) with this insight in a quick, accurate manner."

Peter J. O'Neal, Executive Consultant

"Before implementing Statit, there was always the underlying controversy as to whether variation being seen was real or just normal variation. Having a deployable platform where individual users can see the results and (if needed) drill down in detail is really powerful."

Michael Nix, Measurement Group Manager
Fletcher Allen Health Care

Delighted Statit piMD Customers Include:
Alaska Native Medical Center

Alberta Health Services

Bellin Health


Fletcher Allen Health Care

GLW Army Community Hospital

MD Anderson Cancer Center

North Kansas City Hospital

Ohio Health


St. Boniface General Hospital


UMC Elpaso Hospital

Washington State Hospital Association

All dashboards are not created equal! Statit is changing the future of continuous quality improvement (CQI) measurement and monitoring for healthcare. Statit piMD helps nurture a "culture of quality." The value of inherent process improvement techniques and benefits help create structures and processes to monitor performance, identify deficiencies and to devise, test and implement solutions. Whether you are a single hospital, ambulatory care center or a large, integrated delivery system, Statit piMD provides a simple yet powerful way to access, track, analyze, compare and contrast raw data in ways that provide insights from which to make objective, sustainable and defensible decisions. Improving clinical quality, patient experiences and satisfaction while reducing costs can only come with understanding. Statit doesn't make your quality decisions…we make your quality decisions better!

Why is performance improvement so important in healthcare?

Statit piMD empowers you to:

  • cut through the clutter and prioritize attention to improvement initiatives by understanding process variation
  • access and display real-time information from your organization's databases, spreadsheets and ancillary information systems. When the data source is updated, Statit automatically creates updated analysis and sends out email notification of the new information.
  • roll information up for enterprise view
  • require validation of new data prior to exposing to internal customers
  • provide built-in tools for "process experts" to interact with CQI output for comments, corrective actions and/or process phases to understand if desired effect is truly taking place
  • move forward without the need for IT resources
  • create your personalized view of a scorecard and subscription of automated notification to meet your responsibilities
  • build consensus - derive knowledge objectively and driven by the data to support timely decisions

Now, every decision-maker in your single facility or entire multi-facility enterprise can have a cross-functional snapshot of your organization's key performance indicators, and effectively apply that information to manage costs, maintain or improve quality levels, as well as improve efficiencies and profitability.

"But the Data is Everywhere!"
Statit takes an open approach to accessing data, wherever they are located and whatever format they may be in. Statit allows you, through simple user interface screens, to identify the data source(s), define the indicator(s) and its appearance to the user, and to monitor results against an internal target with alarms triggered based on user-defined rules. There is no costly "retrofit" of your current data.

Focused Analytic Power and Ease-of-Use
Statit piMD illustrates information with continuous process improvement value. Charts of outcomes, success measurements, patient statistics and other key data in graphical format. Users can easily create charts and dashboards based on healthcare key performance indicators developed by healthcare specialists. What's more, dashboards can be created centrally or customized to suit your specific concerns. Our technology allows an end-user to access information from multiple sources so that even non-technical personnel can create wide-ranging reports or specific analyses.

Colleen O'Brien, MSN, MSMI, RN, CPHQ Team Leader Quality and Resource/Privacy Officer at Bellin Health had the following to say about Statit piMD:

"We were getting overwhelmed with paper scorecards, and the flow of information was slow and we wanted to move to a red/yellow/green type of reporting effort. We saw a demonstration of Statit’s piMD product and we were sold! Additionally, we wanted accountability. People want to know what they are responsible for and the Statit piMD solution provides tangible ways to build accountability into our quality control processes. We certainly see Statit piMD and the Statit Professional Services team as a critical component to help us with the quality control side of our performance plan."

Robert Anderson of Alaska Native Medical Center said the following:

"We have used Statit piMD report templates to create, automate and publish reports that compliment our balanced scorecard by providing drill-down information. We anticipate that automating this reporting process will save many hours of work. Statit piMD has also assisted us in creating accountability for data quality by documenting the review and validation of source data and provided a structure for data reporting. The Statit Professional Services team has been responsive and a pleasure to work with while implementing the piMD software."

Statit piMD System Requirements (If you have both Statit piMD and Statit PPR installed, here are your system requirements.)

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