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Statit piMD Benefits Overview


Your healthcare partners and staff only need a web browser to access reports in Statit piMD.

  • Statit piMD uses universal web browser interfaces such as Netscape Communicator and Microsoft IE.
  • There is no need to install and maintain application pieces or data connections on everyone's desktop.

Statit piMD provides dashboards, scorecards and trending (clinical, operational, financial and key quality indicators) reports for a variety of users, with different needs and levels of expertise:

  • Views containing unique reports can be customized for different groups of users, or
  • "Public view" reports can be created for common reports shared throughout your organization.


All of your partners & decision makers can be reviewing the same, up-to-the-minute reports from virtually anywhere in your organization.

  • Statit piMD solutions are powerful communication tools helping you integrate your quality initiatives.
  • Changes made to Statit piMD (new data, validation, corrective action, etc.) reports are immediately available to everyone in the organization.

Low Development Cost

Nurses, administrators, physicians, quality personnel, etc., can easily build indicators for measurement with dashboards, scorecards and trends for Statit piMD.

  • No HTML or other web development skills are required.
  • There is no need for programmers or highly specialized technicians.
  • All customization is done using simple, graphical user interface web pages.


Because Statit piMD includes internal password protection and complies with standard Web security technology, you can assemble and deploy applications throughout your organization.

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