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What our Clients are saying...

"By adding Statit's real-time statistical process control application to InSiteLive, Camstar enables manufacturers to accelerate the optimization of manufacturing processes while improving efficiency and asset utilization."

Rob Rudder
VP of Sales & Marketing
Camstar Systems

"Statit is dedicated to creating products that help customers manage processes and their outcomes for optimal quality, consumer satisfaction, and cost containment. They are clearly the leader in the field of Internet-based quality analysis tools."

Ned Greenberg
Vice President
DataNet Quality Systems

"In addition to its unusual virtue of being technically correct, Statit has no peer in the realm of enhanceability and ease-of-use."

Drs. Robert & Marilyn Hart
SPC Consultants

Statit piMD Guided Tours

Thank you for your interest in the Statit piMD Guided Tours. We have two videos available for your viewing:

Statit piMD Overview

This 10-minute presentation will provide you with an excellent overview on the Statit piMD application. After viewing the Guided Tour, you'll better understand:

  • How to navigate the various Statit piMD reporting elements
  • How to move back and forth from big-picture analysis to transaction-level details
  • How to analyze and share information throughout your organization
  • How you can use your existing data to monitor and analyze key performance metrics within your organization

Statit piMD My Indicators Overview

This short presentation will provid you wil an excellent overview of the Statit piMD My Indicators functionality. After viewing the My Indicators presentation, you'll better understand:

  • How each user can create their own Statit piMD "home page"
  • How individuals can monitor those indicators that are important to them
  • How to set up email notifications when various business rules are triggered

Please fill out the information below. You will then be taken to a page where you'll be able to view both videos.

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