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Statit piMD System Requirements

System Requirements for Statit piMD Installation

  • Server hardware connected to your corporate intranet. Minimum hardware requirements listed below.
  • Operating system on the server should be Windows 2003 Server with IIS.
  • IE 5.x or greater on the server where Statit piMD will reside. This will assure that the XML parsing module is installed on the server.
  • Access to SMTP server for email functionality.
  • Office 2003 or better on client machines to utilize Export to Word functionality.

Suggested Hardware or Virtual Machine Specifications

  • Recommended: Dual processor, >1 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, >20 GB available disk space.

Client Browser Specifications (Cookies, Java, and JavaScript must be enabled)

  • Recommended: Internet Explorer 6.x or greater
  • Minimum:
    • Internet Explorer 5.x or greater
    • Firefox 1.x or greater
    • Netscape 7.x or greater
  • Configuration:
    • Cookies, Java and JavaScript must be enabled when accessing Statit and the browser must be configured to check for newer pages on every visit to a page.

If you would like additional information, please send email to