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Automatically Executing Commands in Statit

Abstract: Using statit.ini to run a command on startup

Products: Statit e-QC, Statit e-Server, Statit Custom QC

Q. Is it possible to automatically perform one or more commands when a Statit application starts?

A. This can be done using Statit's initialization files.

Initialization files are macros that are automatically executed at startup. These files are used to define options such as aliases, search paths, graphical preferences, etc. Any valid statit command can be placed in an initialization file.

Following are the initialization files for each of the Statit applications:

Statit Custom QC: \Statit Custom QC\config\Statit.ini
Statit e-Server: \Statit e-Server\config\Statit.ini
Statit e-QC: \Statit e-Server\config\Statit.ini
  \Statit e-QC\baseline\apps\eqc.ini (run after statit.ini)

Any modifications made to these files should be backed up prior to updating, as they will be overwritten.

Following are some examples of commands that might be placed in a startup file:

## Set chart background color global variable to White.
Let %sg_chart_background = "White"
## Set default data search path
set dpath1 "C:\Data"
##Change the default system missing character to "-" (Default is "?" )
set sysmisschar "-"

For Custom QC, you might want to change the current working directory:

## Set chart background color global variable to White.
cd "C:\Temp"