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Tips on Non-Quality Control Charts

Abstract: Brief Discussion on other methods of applying tips

Products: Statit e-QC, Statit e-Server, Statit Custom QC

While most of the Statit charts have tips as a standard option, there are a few where it is necessary to create special tips. An example of another plot with tip options is the XY Plot. Try the following commands:
getf qc.wrk /be
gplot Pressure by Temperature /tips=Width

In this example, the tip will display only the width value with no other formatting. And the /tip_option takes only one variable. You can create a more useful tip with the following commands:

tipvar = "Pressure: " & Pressure & "&nTemperature: " & Temperature

The "&n' provides a line feed for the tip.

Another example uses custom graphics with the Bar Chart. Since most shapes in Statit can hold a tip, you can create a macro to dynamically add tips to a bar chart. Try the following commands:

getf student.wrk /be  
makechar Class into ClassString ## Convert student to a string variable
gbar Name /height=GPA /nodraw ## Generate Bar Chart
barline 1 /datatips=@ClassString ## Add tip to barline object with bar chart
draw ## Draw chart

Using the @variableName operation with the /datatips option takes all the values of that variable, and places them into a tip on the bar chart.