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"By adding Statit's real-time statistical process control application to InSiteLive, Camstar enables manufacturers to accelerate the optimization of manufacturing processes while improving efficiency and asset utilization."

Rob Rudder
VP of Sales & Marketing
Camstar Systems

"Statit is dedicated to creating products that help customers manage processes and their outcomes for optimal quality, consumer satisfaction, and cost containment. They are clearly the leader in the field of Internet-based quality analysis tools."

Ned Greenberg
Vice President
DataNet Quality Systems

"In addition to its unusual virtue of being technically correct, Statit has no peer in the realm of enhanceability and ease-of-use."

Drs. Robert & Marilyn Hart
SPC Consultants

Statit Webinar: Automating Performance Improvement

Quality departments everywhere have a tough challenge of meeting the existing reporting needs of Key Process Indicators (KPIs) throughout the organization. That challenge is becoming more difficult as an increasing number of processes are tracked and targeted for improvement. The buzz these days is "No dashboard/scorecard and trend information...no performance improvement gains." Sounds right, doesn't it? The concept is sound, yet the real-world application doesn't always meet the objective. How do we know if/when our key performance metrics are being viewed and monitored by our organization?

During this webinar, you'll learn why Statit's Performance Indicator and Management Dashboard (piMD) has gained popularity amongst hundreds of organizations today.

Key benefits of Statit piMD include:

  • Reads data from multiple locations and sources (DBs, Excel, files, etc.)
  • Report generation is completely automated - all indicators always current
  • Incorporates the critically important role of the Process Expert - the person responsible for a measure - and provides them with the tools they need to:
    • Easily assess and explain performance issues
    • Identify changes to process and have system automatically communicate if those process changes had the desired effect
    • Easily change alarm, target and benchmark values for any period
    • Check for correlation between measures
  • Allow users to control automatic email notifications
    • When new data arrives
    • When new data arrives and SPC alert or target alarm occurs
    • When the Process Expert for a measure performs an action
  • Users simply need a web browser
  • Embed live thumbnail images of KPIs into your intranet pages

    Many organizations attempt to perform these tasks using desktop analysis packages (SAS, SPSS, RS!, etc.), but these approaches require considerable resources internally and have many shortcomings. There is a much more effective way!

During this webinar, we will explore how you can automatically monitor and improve your KPIs.

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